Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eketani - Sword and Buckler Men

In the wars with the sister-realm of Cardolan, the Royal Army of Arthedain found an opponent equal in measure to itself.  The Cardolani Raggers (from MERP Dunael: Ragh Crann-Sleagha - Ranks of Pikes) had serried ranks of pikes which confounded the Arthedain knights (Sind. requain) and outreached those of the Arthedain Dírnaith.

Thus the Arthedain tacticians revived the Numenorian Eketani - short sword and buckler men, to disrupt the pike columns of the Raggers. Clad in leather surcoats to help catch and snag the pike points of the Cardolani, armed with a target shield to deflect and lift the opposing pike out of the way, and a short eket for wielding in the tight formation of the pike block, the Eketani were able to disrupt their opponents long enough for the Dírnaith to break them. These fellows also wear a steel corslet as added protection.

These figures are also old Time Machine/Mithril castings. Originally, they were spearmen - a short sword from the bits box was substituted.  They are painted in the blue woolen leggings and grey woolen tunic of the Royal Arthedain Army - household troops would wear their household colours.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


(Edit: I've switched out the word Ohtari for Dírnaith. Ohtari seems to be a word referring to a mounted soldier. More anon.)

It's probably fitting for the first miniature-specific post to feature one of the three units of Dírnaith (Sind./ man-spearhead) that I've painted for the Wars of Arthedain.

These are ex-Mithril soldiers of Minas Tirith that were once available from Time Machine Miniatures. They are based for Armati. The spears have been removed from the right hand and replaced with pikes from Old Glory. They are more likely to break than bend, but I hate bendy spears.

The history around these figs, as told to me by the caster, is that Mithril Miniatures couldn't sell "wargame miniatures" due to the rights being awarded to, well, the guys who currently hold the rights - aka Sauron's Workshop.  These figs were removed from the Mithril catalogue and TMM purchased them.
TMM has since re-focused on 54mm vignette-style miniatures, but perhaps it's possible to ask the proprietor to cast some as a special order? 

Somewhere I have target shields for these troops - only I'll need to dremel the White Tree of Gondor off each one before mounting.  Funny how this project had stalled...

Mae Govannon

Yes - that was the inevitable Gheek Tongue of Tolkien greeting.  I have loved the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit novels since childhood, and I'm steeped in the mythos of Middle Earth. I enjoyed the Peter Jackson films, despite their flaws, and usually have either one of them or the soundtrack thereof playing in the background when I desire wargame inspiration.

One of the things I like most in wargaming is canonicity. I like being able to say,"That's an orc!" and "That's not an orc!" and while I understand that folks might disagree with my interpretation, that doesn't dissuade me.

The basis of canonicity for my Tolkien Wargaming is the novels by JRRT, the History of Middle Earth series by Dr. Christopher Tolkien, the MERP RPG by Iron Crown,  and the films by Peter Jackson, in that order.

This blog was started to help propel an Arthedain army miniatures project that I started over ten years ago for the Armati rules system. The project stalled, but I'm determined to pick it back up, and have had some results in finishing miniatures that have languished on the painting table for years. That said, I will be updating less often than on my other blogs, but aim to post an update at least once a month.

So, Onward, for the House of Isildur. Arané harentuluva!