Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mae Govannon

Yes - that was the inevitable Gheek Tongue of Tolkien greeting.  I have loved the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit novels since childhood, and I'm steeped in the mythos of Middle Earth. I enjoyed the Peter Jackson films, despite their flaws, and usually have either one of them or the soundtrack thereof playing in the background when I desire wargame inspiration.

One of the things I like most in wargaming is canonicity. I like being able to say,"That's an orc!" and "That's not an orc!" and while I understand that folks might disagree with my interpretation, that doesn't dissuade me.

The basis of canonicity for my Tolkien Wargaming is the novels by JRRT, the History of Middle Earth series by Dr. Christopher Tolkien, the MERP RPG by Iron Crown,  and the films by Peter Jackson, in that order.

This blog was started to help propel an Arthedain army miniatures project that I started over ten years ago for the Armati rules system. The project stalled, but I'm determined to pick it back up, and have had some results in finishing miniatures that have languished on the painting table for years. That said, I will be updating less often than on my other blogs, but aim to post an update at least once a month.

So, Onward, for the House of Isildur. Arané harentuluva!


  1. I hope you can get going! I like that fact that you are using the old mithral miniatures. I am making up my army of Arthedain in 15's and using carolingians based upon those same figures. My army of Gondor are Byzantines and Rohan will be Lombards, etc. Well I look forward to your blog and hopefully we can both complete are miniature army building this year!

  2. GSD,

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I like that you're using Dark Ages/Ancients instead of medievals for your Western armies. You will probably like the direction this blog is going.

    I'm hoping to schedule a battle with Angmar in the not-too-distant future.