Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eketani - Sword and Buckler Men

In the wars with the sister-realm of Cardolan, the Royal Army of Arthedain found an opponent equal in measure to itself.  The Cardolani Raggers (from MERP Dunael: Ragh Crann-Sleagha - Ranks of Pikes) had serried ranks of pikes which confounded the Arthedain knights (Sind. requain) and outreached those of the Arthedain Dírnaith.

Thus the Arthedain tacticians revived the Numenorian Eketani - short sword and buckler men, to disrupt the pike columns of the Raggers. Clad in leather surcoats to help catch and snag the pike points of the Cardolani, armed with a target shield to deflect and lift the opposing pike out of the way, and a short eket for wielding in the tight formation of the pike block, the Eketani were able to disrupt their opponents long enough for the Dírnaith to break them. These fellows also wear a steel corslet as added protection.

These figures are also old Time Machine/Mithril castings. Originally, they were spearmen - a short sword from the bits box was substituted.  They are painted in the blue woolen leggings and grey woolen tunic of the Royal Arthedain Army - household troops would wear their household colours.

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